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Top doctors for your workforce. And we save you money on group mediclaim. Learn why Loop Health is the right option for your business.

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How it Works

What can we do for your employees?

Unlimited Doctor Visits

Employees can talk to an MBBS-certified doctor for free in 15 minutes and get advice and a prescription. No out of pocket spend and no afternoons spent waiting at the doctor's office.

24/7 Medical Guidance

We refer patients to high quality specialists in Pune. The claim will be routed through your insurance and billed at the lowest cost available. We take care of administrative tasks such as record transfer, appointment scheduling, and care coordination.

Trusted Referrals

Our concierge service provides a personal health team to your employees. Every employee gets a nurse and medical advisor. Their team is only a message or call away.

Why it's important

Patients in Loop clinics are receiving more recommended preventive care services, including advanced screenings and diagnostic tests. Employees with chronic health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension are able to manage their illness more effectively.

Studies show that great primary care physicians help keep hospitalizations low and medical conditions under control. This means savings for employers and more productive employees.

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